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          TechNautics has established relationships with reputable OEM for supply of innovative and quality
          product to satisfy your subsea and marine challenges.

        • Underwater / Subsea Connectors
        • TechNautics is your trusted source for Birns Aquamate high-quality underwater connectors designed for reliable and secure electrical and data connections in subsea environments.

        • Cables
        • TechNautics can supply high-performance cables and cable assemblies to overcome the toughest challenges for the most severe environments and most demanding industries and applications.

        • Underwater Cameras
        • TechNautics offer a world-leading range of subsea cameras and associated video products for professional use.

        • Lights & Lasers
        • We provide a range of lights and lasers that assist with underwater navigation where needed.

        • Sonars
        • TechNautics can provide the most reliable imaging and ancilliary sonar equipment for use in underwater applications.

        • Pan & Tilt
        • TechNautics offer high performance pan & tilt units engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in subsea environments.

        • Metocean & Telemetry Buoy
        • TechNautics is a leading provider of metocean and telemetry buoys for accurate data collection and real-time monitoring in marine environments.

        • Services

          A technical team with many years of experience working with equipment operating in an
          underwater environment, TechNautics provide a local capability, with direct access to OEM service
          teams to ensure your equipment is back at work in the shortest possible timeframe.

        • Subsea Pressure Housing Design
        • TechNautics specialise in designing and engineering robust and reliable pressure housings for subsea applications, ensuring the integrity and performance of your underwater equipment.

        • Engineered Solutions
        • TechNautics specialise in delivering innovative and customized solutions to address complex challenges in hostile environments.

        • Equipment Rentals

          With our growing inventory, exceptional service, and competitive rates, we can be your trusted partner for your equipment rental requirements. We take pride in providing well-maintained equipment that is in excellent working condition.

        • Survey
        • Survey equipment for accurately measuring and mapping the physical environment.

        • Metocean
        • Metocean equipment for monitoring and measuring meteorological and oceanographic parameters in marine and offshore environments.

        • Environmental Monitoring
        • Environmental monitoring equipment for measurement and analusis of parameters in the natural environment.

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          At TechNautics, we can equip you with the most sophisticated marine technology available to expand your view of the ocean and your subsea assets.

        • About TechNautics
        • TechNautics is your local Western Australian owned, underwater technology expert team providing equipment sales, system design and engineering, service and maintenance for all of your underwater and harsh environment technology applications.

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Tritech Diver Mounted Display (DMD)

The DMD system has been designed to provide divers with the ability to navigate and carry out inspections in zero visibility conditions.

Utilising the Gemini range of Multibeam imaging sonars allows the user to select the most suitable sonar for the type of operation required. The world’s smallest Multibeam imaging sonar, the Gemini 720im, provides a basic navigation capability, allowing a diver to locate large structures or objects while working in zero visibility water.

Where a higher degree of resolution is required the diver can opt for the Gemini 720ik or Gemini 1200ik Multibeam imaging sonar, both of which provide increased range, resolution and field of view. These high specification Multibeam imaging sonars provide a diver with a high degree of confidence while working in zero visibility conditions and allow searches to be undertaken far more efficiently than using conventional search pattern techniques.

The DMD systems have been designed to be used with the Inodive accessory rail system, allowing for the DMD system to be used with an extensive range of dive masks and helmets. All of the Gemini sonars, when supplied with a DMD system, are built-up with an Inodive interface to allow for seamless installation onto the dive mask/helmet.